Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Circle of Life ain't no Disney movie

Thats right folks sorry to break it to you. There are no brightly colored characters singing a wildly popular tune while dancing around. Never in history has man failed so miserably trying to eradicate another living thing as much as he has with the coyote. The endangered species list grows daily but you will never see the coyote on that list. They are crafty pests.We have lived at this place for three years now and we have never had coyote problems. A couple of weeks ago they killed on of my ewe lambs and every since then my sheep have been living in terror. I have been desperate to find a guardian dog that could go to work ASAP. Never around when you need them. At this point I was ready put a drag on a Cocker Spaniel and put it in with the sheep. All I need is something that will bark. Into my life comes Strider. A stray at the Red Deer county pound. A temporary solution that may be permanent.

Strider is a two year old Akbash. In hopes that he will be one of those great rescue stories I picked him up yesterday. His life has been turned up side down. He did break free last night. Today we moved him to a more secure pen and has stayed in. He is people orientated but I am hoping his instincts kick in. At one point today I was worried because he was glued to the gate closest to the shop and the kennel. But in an hour I looked out and he was back with his sheep.

You can see him on the right sleeping as close to the sheep as they would let him. My sheep are not used to a guardian dog. Every time he moved closer they would move away. So finally he just went to sleep as did they. By the end of today they had begun to get used to him. I have a line on some trained dogs looking for a home. Strider may have some buddies soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The roller coaster ride that is owning Risk

Remember this two years ago. So sweet and full of potential

When buying risk I was warned by his breeder that his cross was not for a novice handler. I am not a novice handler but boy did they say a mouth full. Risk's early training was a product of my making a lot of mistakes with my previous dog Kipp. Kipp like Risk was full of potential as a puppy and I could not wait to unleash that. I started Kipp at an early age and as a result he was a wash out by the end of his nursery year. So I had agreed with my self to not put Risk on sheep too young and to let him grow up first. In an attempt not to put to much pressure on him I inadvertently created a monster. Working risk on sheep usually leads to someone or something in tears be it me or the sheep. I have sent many a teary e-mail or phone call to my friends "I hate this dog". He can only be trusted about 50% of his time on sheep. Since losing his eye he has lost a lot of confidence in me and my abilities. As a result I spend most of my time encouraging him. Then he turns around and takes advantage of that by attacking and chasing. At this point I am not sure what the future holds for Risk. They say god only gives you what he thinks you can handle.

Monday, February 15, 2010

First Birthday Party

Friday was the first birthday for my very first Phantom Ridge litter. I loaded up my crew Isla, Bracken, Craig and Risk. We headed north to met up with Jen and Finn at my friend Randy's. Both Jen and I where wanting to see Finn on sheep. What better time to do it than on their birthdays. Our good friend Lynda met up there with her kelpie Luc. Poor Randy invaded by girls, merles and Kelpies. i am sure it was very hard on him. NOT!!! Finn did great and Jen is on her way toward addiction. Below are some of the many pics Jen and her daughter took.
Finn Says "What the?"

Bracken starting to drive

Craig fetching

Family Photo Op (this took hours)

Bracken and Craig trying to be good

Still trying!!!


At last.
Notice how Isla and Bracken have the same I am going to kill you look.
Syn was not able to make the party maybe next time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

What I really want is

Some sun!!!!!!!!!! We have not had sun for over seven days now. The morning is always the same fog and then the fog lifts a little but is always still there.

Risk is enjoying his new found cone less freedom. His stitches came out on Friday and then the cone could go in the garbage.