Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Craig update

We are at the six and a half week mark now. Only a couple more weeks left until we go back to the surgeon for  x-rays and he can decide if Craig's leg is good to go or another couple of weeks extra. We are all hoping for the OK sign. Last week Craig developed a skin infection on his foot and upper leg due to the moisture the builds up under the bandage. So my vet opted to remove the bandage and let his skin heal. It took a little getting used to being able to see the screws sticking out of his leg.

Joe is still sitting by Craig's x-pen not because he is concerned for Craig but he wants to eat his food.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Calgary Stampede final Chapter

I have started this blog about 50 times and then something happens and I forget to save it. As always Calgary did not disappoint this year. Some people go to Las Vegas once a year not us we decide to enter the Calgary Stampede instead. Yes the entry fees are high and it can be a pain to get parking or camping but it is so worth it in the end. This year was no exception. There was lots of food, some liquor, a rodeo and even some sheep.
The first go went well for both my dogs. We were among the few who actually penned. In the end of day one Meg was third and Isla was 7th. Day money is always a good thing.
Day two started bright and early. All 66 dogs ran through starting at 8:00 Am with the finals that night. Isla ran first and didn't get the pen. I wasn't to concerned because if history was to repeat it self one pen and a good chute time would get you into the finals. Meg had a really good run and penned her sheep. Meg and I were among to few with two pens. Which meant we were defiantly in the finals. I am very happy with little Meggie she is getting the hang of this arena trial thing.

The afternoon we blew off some stream and went to the rodeo.

The good news after the rodeo was that both my dogs had made it to the finals. I was one of only three handlers who qualified two dogs. Isla ran first and had a stand off with a cheviot ewe. Never a good thing with Isla who lacks patience. In the end she gripped off at the chute. Meg ran toward the end. She had a good run but we ran into trouble at the pen. It took me what seemed like forever to get the sheep penned. After some quick cutting horse moves from me I finally got them penned. Not quick enough to make any money but good enough for 6th place. Below is the video thanks to Kristi Oikawa

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stunt double or Butt double????????

This weekend Joe met his doppelganger.
I was all keen to sign her up to be Joe's stunt double for his up coming acting debut.

Meet Penny owned by Judy Burtleson

Penny was less than impressed to meet her long lost twin. Joe tried all his tricks but Penny was having nothing of that. There was talk of needing a butt double for his budding film career but Joe took offence 

"Nothing wrong with my butt"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My version of the shedding ring

As per my conversation in the previous blog.
This is how I feel when I am in the shedding ring or what I like to call it
circle of death or Bermuda mind circle.

Part 2 Wildrose trial

Once again I find myself with only one dog to run. We were set to run toward the end of the day on the first day. End of the day meaning 10 PM. Just before my run the judge called it a day and said we would run the rest of the open dogs the next morning at 6 AM. Well just great I am so not a morning person. This also meant Meg would run both her open runs with in a couple of hours and then were are done. Our first run was pretty fabulous except for me giving her a couple of wrong flanks on the drive. I am chalking that up to the early morning. Then came my part setting up the shed. Well putting it bluntly I F**** suck at shedding. For some reason it is the only thing I can't figure out. Meg will come through just fine if I make the hole. I am so tired of leaving 20 points on the field. Our first run we scored a 69 no shed, no pen. (You guys do the math). Our second run was much the same. Pretty much bang on until the shedding ring and then timed out. Scored a 65 (again you do the math).
At this time I would like to apologize to Meg for not keeping up my part of the bargain. Sorry Meg you do everything I ask on the field and I fail you. You are a pretty kick ass little dog.
Because we ran so early there are no pictures of Meg's run. But I thought I would post some pics taken from the bluegrass in May.

Photos taken by
Christine Koval

Scott ran Bracken at this trial. She was a little rusty and on the muscle for both her runs. She didn't place in either runs she but showed some nice things. Check out Jenny's trial blog to see pics of Bracken and a feisty ewe. She handled it like a pro. 
Bracken is coming home on Monday next week. I am a little nervous to take the reins of this little powerhouse. But I am going to try my best. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So much to tell you about

This trip seemed so eventful I don't know where to start. I could blog about this for weeks. I think this blog is going to be  more of an installment type blog. Today is the first of many. Wednesday I traveled north two hours to the Wildrose trial just west of Olds, Alberta.
The first evening Lisa and I spent grazing sheep on the trial field. There was plenty on mosquitoes and plenty of wine. I did not use my camera at all. I used my iPhone for everything.

Family photo of me and Meg.
Do you know how hard it is to get a dog to look at the camera for a self photo.

After a good nights sleep. Lisa and I went on a shopping trip to some local western stores to find some new western garb for our up coming stampede trip. When we cam back we were warned of an impending storm and told to batten down everything. Well the storm took for ever to come. 

Lots of cool looking clouds. Then came the hail.

At least I didn't have to go to my trailer for ice.

The tornado looking clouds rolled in.

Is this green or more of an aquamarine?

I the end there was tornadoes to the west of us and some to the northeast of us. But thankfully missed us.

Stay tuned tomorrow for tales of sheepdog handler fashions, stunt doubles and some dog trialing too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Graduation Day

Last week Justice Graduated from high School. Funny I remember when he was born I thought to myself "when he graduates I will only be 36 years old and I will be foot loose and fancy free" Well that day arrived and I feel to old to be foot loose. So now what to do with all my free non parenting time. Nothing really Justice is still at home and requires parenting.

As you can see it was a typical graduation.
There was texting


Great grandparents


And of course girlfriends