Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pony loving video

This is for all my friends that grew up and had a pony. I have so been there done that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earning her keep

Like all farms we have a shop cat. We have gone through a couple of cats. We are not cat people therefore we like the cats that are wild and hide from us. Saves them from the dogs too. Our new cat has gone from wild the very tame and loves to be scratched. She greets us when we come into the shop and never goes outside because that is where the scary dogs live. Today when I went into the shop she didn't follow me she sat and stared at the wall.

trying to tell me something

Hello stupid human look up
"what is it lassie"

From a person who is scared of birds. Bats are even scarier. I am going to have to pull Kyle off the baler the come and do something about this situation. Not to be confused with "The Situation"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Survival of the fitest or not !!!!

Recently I started feeding raw every couple days. I found it easier for me to butcher my cull ewes for dog food than try to sell them.  So Jerry and I came up with a deal he would deal with the messy stuff and we would share the meat. Turns out I am the 98% of raw feeders that really can't deal with the killing, blood and guts. And honestly I do not consider my self a raw feeder. Raw is a treat for my dogs. When I go on the road they will get kibble and the majority of the week the get kibble.

Rob attacks it like a pro. Bones stripped to nothing in minutes. I am pretty sure Rob has had to survive in the wild at sometime in the past or a previous life. He eats everything like his survival depends on it. The rest of the dogs are the same. Even Isla who is notorious for not eating. I think she is just to bitchy not to eat it. Just in case the other dogs get to it. 

Then we have Craig's Kennel

This bone has been in his kennel for over three hours. He would basically starve if he lived in the wild.

so ashamed for his species

But still the pretty boy with have come to know and love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random catching up

Sorry all it has been more than a week since my last blog. I have been enjoying my two weeks off until my next trial. I have been waging a war with thistles. They seem to be growing incredibly fast this year. I bought my self a new toy to help win the war.

This little red sports car  pulls behind the ranger and does an awesome job.  Cuts right through the thickest patch of thistles.
Yesterday Kyle and I bought some more sheep. 13 Dorper ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs. My plan is to build a stronger flock and weed out the riff raff. 

Two ram lambs plus a runt ram lamb(who is going to lose his man hood today)
Risk and Strider are also losing their manhood today

Ewe lamb

Ewe lambs

I have been working my dogs as much as I can. We have three trials in a row coming up. In the last couple of days Rob has been looking spectacular. Craig has also decided he would like to be a sheep dog. He has move out of the training field and out to the big field for more training. He is not a natural out runner but with Isla being his mother that is fine with me. Meg is doing good as well. We are thinking of changing here name. Whenever I am giving Craig shit for something Meg thinks I am talking to her.
Finally I wanted to post this you tube. A friend posted it on Facebook and it is too funny. Enjoy