Monday, September 29, 2008

Stalking or just an incredibly strong bond

I want to talk to you all about a very important subject STALKING. Now "some people" are saying that I should be careful because I may have a Stalker on my hands. I say that he is not a stalker we just have an incredibly strong bond. Who is this suspected stalker you ask?

Well it has nothing to do with this snake in the grass.

No no my stalker is the four legged type. Black and tan in color with big ears. Below is some evidence pictures taken by one of those"people".

He just really wants to be with his mommy.

Now I would like to show you some pics of Risk really stalking and some baby stalker video.

As a side note Risk is walking up on the flock of sheep we are walking passed not the other dogs.

That concludes today's public service announcement on stalking.
Thank you

Thursday, September 25, 2008

my favorite week of the year

Good evening my name is Louanne and I am a TV addict. I think all the years growing up on the farm with only three channels and no video games turned me into an addict later in life. Well this week is season Premiere week for all my favorite shows and shows that may become my new favorites. I am not even going to begin to list some of my favorites because then you will all know how far gone I am. My most favorite thing right now is my PVR receiver for our satellite.
My addiction runs deep. Tonight Kyle and I were going to the city for a supper out until I remembered that ER and Survivor starts tonight. Sorry, Kyle

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ice learns how to ride in the Ranger

When I go out to the far fields to work dogs I take the Ranger. So today was ice's turn to learn how it is done. Luckily Isla is more then happy to show him how it is done.
No Problem here

Kipp bringing the girls home after our work

Just wanted to welcome my good friend Lynda to my favorite blogs. I have known Lynda for a long time and look forward to reading her blog. Below is a pic of Risk with Lynda's new addition Luke.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home late Monday night thanks in big part to Sirius Satellite radio's Big 80's channel. It was a very long drive home.
Our trip was anything but uneventful. We arrive in Sturgis on Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon my cell phone quit working. For anyone who knows me you know how tragic that was for me. No phone meant no blogs. Then the next day on the way to mount Rushmore my truck broke down. Thankfully we were already in sturgis and had plenty of friends to help us out.
We had a great time watching the trial and meeting new people. By semi finals day the top seven handlers were Canadians all but one are from Alberta. Nice to know that we are competing against some of north Americas best handlers every time we go to a local trial. Tough sheep in the semi finals proved challenging. Some of my very good friends tried hard but just couldn't hold on to make it to the finals. After a long day of finals runs. Ian Zoreb and his dog Peg ended up on top. Ian is also from Alberta.
Below are some pictures I took. I didn't take much with my camera. Lisa was the main photographer of this trip. Iam sure if you check her blog she will have some pics up soon.

Mount Rushmore

Grant Harassing local Wildlife

Somewhere in Wyoming but looks just like home

Zoey learning from the experts

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pictures from the road

Montana pictures taken from my Truck. Just for Penny

Judith Gap

Somewhere on the Highway

On to Sturgis today. I will try to do some blogging while we are there if we can find WiFi.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello From montana day 1

Day 1
Almost made it through Montana. We have stopped for the night at a KOA beside little big horn.
Of course we opted for the full service package and we are watch cable TV right now.
Just had to write a quick blog about the 1,2,3,4 Albertan sweep at Meeker Sheepdog classic today.
1st Dennis Gellings Jake
2nd Dennis Gellings Jan
3rd Scott Glen Pleat
4th Ian Zeorb Peg

Good Job guys!!!!!

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.....

It's bright and early Sunday Morning and I am getting ready to leave for Sturgis for the USBCHA national Finals. This is my first time going to the finals. Usually I am at home feverishly hitting refresh on the USCBHA website results page. But not this time.
Of course I could not go without taking a couple of dogs. This time all the young dogs get to come for some travel experience. My crew this weekend will be Risk, Ice and Zoey. We are kind of concerned if we see a rouge flock of sheep on the Highway that we won't have a dog the move them with. But alas Lisa is bringing Tell so we will be OK.
I will try to blog from the finals a couple of time but not sure if I will be able to get signal.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Times

Last weekend we went to the Alberta Field Finals. I can safely say fun was had by all. The weather was cold and rainy on the last day but we all toughed it out.

In the end Kipp ended up nursery champion. Isla was 3rd in Pro Novice and 3rd in intermediate.

I finally get Kyle and Justice to come and watch a trial. I think they had a good time what do you guys think.

Ok, not really fair to Kyle he did watch some of my runs.

As always thanks to Penny for the pictures.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Way to go!!!

Congrats to Scott Glen and Pleat for winning the Solider Hollow Classic.
Pleat is the only dog to win all big trials in the US:
The Bluegrass
Solider Hollow Classic
Meeker Classic
and the USBCHA National Finals
Pleat is set to retire after this years national finals.