Monday, November 29, 2010

Little dog 3rd Generation

So far I have shared my life with two little dogs. For the readers new to my life I will recap.

1st generation

I got Guess when I was in high school and shortly after my parents divorced and the children were left to their own devices. Which led to Justice but that is a whole other blog. I bought Guess from a friend of my sisters as an 8 week old puppy. Not sure of what breed he was but I liked to think he was a miniature border collie. He went everywhere with me. Even sometimes to class he rode around in my backpack. I took this picture of Guess after Kyle and his friends gave him an unauthorized hair cut. He was sitting in my bitchin rust colored Mazda truck.

2nd Generation

Lost Fox last year to old age. Poor Fox she was the product of me impulse buying a Jack Russel in hopes of improving the breed. What a stupid pet owner I was. Not only did I have a Border collie puppy at the time but Justice was also two years old and I thought another dog added to the mix was a good idea. Fox was a terrier through and through. Always digging out of her run and running away. We never gave her the exercise or attention she deserved. The last five years of her life were much better. I had much more dog knowledge and she got much more attention. Funny how I didn't think we would miss her but the more time went on the more I missed a "Little Dog" in the house.

Enter the 3rd Generation

Enter Joe. I have been thinking about a chihuahua for about a year now much to the dismay of my friends. Found Joe on line and thought what a cute looking dog. I am as you know a sucker for good looks. Only had him for three days now but he is doing super and loves his mom. Not so much Kyle which is fine by me.
As you can see from the picture below clearly I need to invest in some dog beds.

Skid if you are reading this please know we are still BFF's and always will be no matter what.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving day

We officially got possession of the new house on Thursday. 

As you can see it was a day not fit for man or beast. The temperature was in the mid -20C with another -10 degree wind chill. However anything was better than living in a holiday trailer with a negative R value for insulation. I must say the satilite insulation guy who came to hook up our cable had a bad attitude about the weather too. Wrong day to mess with me Bell princess. Needless to say we came to an agreement. By the end of the day we had TV and our beds were on the floor college style living until the weather smartens up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back to reality

I am home from my over week long arena trial extravaganza. Ended with a bang. Both Isla and Meg qualified for the finals. I was very happy with Meg this being her first set of arena trials she handled them like a pro. I on the other hand did not and could have done much better handling my dog in the finals. Oh well until next year.
When i got home it was time to put the ram out. This will be my first time lambing out my ewes. In the past I have just sold and bought new sheep.
Isla was up for the task of sorting and moving sheep.

Our ranger is broken right now so my ATV of choice is my Jeep

All ending with one very happy ram.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Call off the search

Mojo has been found and it resides in Edmonton. Fifty dogs ran today and both mine finished in the top ten. Very happy with Meg this is only her third arena trial all in one week. This one was very load but she worked her hardest the listen to me. Now off with the girls to Dairy Queen for a chocolate dipped strawberry blizzard.

Has anyone seen my Mojo

Couple of things I learned about Mayerthorpe. There is nowhere to eat after 8:00PM, the hotels are sketchy at best and I can not run dogs well there.
Saturday was the start of the Alberta Arena finals in Mayerthorpe. The first day went well for me Isla was in the top ten and Meg wasn't to far behind her. After a night of Pizza pop supper from the Esso station and a some alcoholic beverages with Clint and Anita the next day didn't go so well. Sometime in the night my mojo was sucked from my body. Odd because I never woke up during the sucking out process. Sunday I could not pen the sheep to save my life. When others had the sheep just run into the pen I struggled over and over again. Isla had a smoking run going and then nothing. I am hoping things go better the next couple of days. We are in Edmonton at the farm Fair International which run in conjunction with the Canadian Finals rodeo. Also means lots of cute cowboys.Yummy! Wendy couldn't sleep last night in anticipation of seeing cute cowboys and their butts.
The only pictures I took at the trial were for Lisa and Sue Main. This by far is the fanciest outhouse I have seen. Everybody was going on and on about it.

Starts out looking like a normal out house. We were all dreading going in it.

Then when you finally can't wait any longer you go in and WOW!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just me and the girls

At least I am having a good time the girls look like they might kill each other.

Me and the girls are gone for a week long road trip running at three arena trials in a row. I am camped out at Penny's house in Beaumount for the week. Yesterday we traveled east 2.5 hours to Lloydminster. The arena was small and the course was complicated with no retries allowed I felt like I was in the middle of a Nintendo Brain Age game. My head literally hurt after the first run. I was so busy trying to think of the course I had a hard time getting my dogs to run good. Isla was "on the muscle" and was not listening. Five dogs went to the finals and she missed it by a couple. This was little Meg's first ever arena trial and she had fun. So much she missed some flanks and forgot her new comebye whistle. So I changed to voice instead. Very proud of our Lisa and Hope for winning the whole sha bang and a Calcutta to rival Vegas.
Today was a me and dogs day. Penny took this picture of the girls and me at the park this morning.   While in Edmonton there are some must do's. I know hard to believe Calgary doesn't have everything. Went to G & E Pharmacy for some shopping. This store is a cornucopia (big word for Jerry) of all things especially dog stuff. Then it was off the West Edmonton Mall and the Victoria Secret store.
Apparently tonight Penny is taking me for the best Indian food in Alberta. To a girl born in Saskatchewan and raised on a ranch in Alberta I wouldn't know good from bad Indian food if I had a gun to my head.
Tomorrow off to work dogs at Corey Perry's and then to the big smoke of Mayerthorpe for a two day arena trial.
Stay tuned for more hyjinx I am sure.