Monday, April 27, 2009

midnight run

Somehow I have been roped into checking cows on the midnight shift. Not sure how seeing as I quit my cattle herdsman job when they started taking over every pasture on our place. We have a had a heavy snowfall warning here for a couple of days now and let me tell you finding a herd of black cows in a blizzard in not much fun. Look hard and maybe you can see them.

how about now

Yeah me neither. I almost ran right into them. Luckily no babies in the blizzard.

In the morning we awoke to this

The pups love the fresh snow

It was also very windy.

Just a warning before you look at the next picture. It may be very upsetting to some. I know it was for me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finn's new friend

I recieved a couple of pics of Finn and one of his new housemates
How sweet!!

Ah!! Not so sweet

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend report

Sorry to all my demanding readers that this post is two days late. (Lani) Well now that my first time open runs are over I have time to reflect. And really not that scary. Isla decided to pull some new tricks out of her hat. Like stopping short on her outrun. She was really pushy and not a good thing on dog broke hair sheep. They tend not to be very forgiving. I found my self wondering what is the most time a person has blown their steady whistle during a run. Really this was to be expected as it was a long winter and I didn't get to work my dogs as much as I would have liked. The weather was a little chilly. The fire was a popular place to sit and stay warm.
Lani and Jo always smilingI decided to give the pups some separated time. Bracken stayed home with Kyle and Craig came along with us. He made some new friends and learned about staying in a crate by himself.

Preparing for the shed

Two weeks to practice up for the next trial. Much closer to home. This time I get to take the trailer out for the first time this year.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMG!! OMG!!!

Leaving for Vernon tomorrow morning for the Coldstream Classic SDT. I have entered Open for the first time and I seem to be running out of time to cram. I plan on watching Alasdair's shedding DVD all night. In the last couple of days I have found myself forgetting the shedding rules. Oh please I have seen a million sheds over the years.
Lets all put our hands together and pray to the dog trailing gods. Good weather, safe travels and perfect runs. In case you need a visual here is a picture of one of my paint scrapping turns from Coldstream last year.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter trip

On Saturday we headed off to my mom's for Easter. Loaded up the truck with seven dogs and three humans. The pups are getting very well traveled.


and Craig

They socialized with small children

Lets try this again
Socialized with kids

Ah forget it we never did get a good picture of the pups with my nephews after 20 takes we gave up.
Risk turns out to be a wise puppy raiser and is super patient with the pups. He is now a year old and is maturing into a very handsome boy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

7.5 weeks

Since my accident I haven't had a chance to get any puppy pictures. Today was do or die day. The puppies start going to their new homes tomorrow. I still am waffling on which girl I am going to keep. I need to decide by Wednesday when Jenny comes to pick her puppy up. I know which boy I am keeping.


Finn is going to live with Jennifer in Edmonton.

One of these girls will be staying here and one is going to living with Scott & Jenny Glen and be an Alta-Pete Stockdog

We also have a guest puppy for a couple of days. I picked up Dave on Sunday and he is going to his new home on Wednesday. He is only a couple of weeks older than my pups but as you can see he is a giant compared to my pups.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I knew I was not going to get away without explaining what happened. I was driving to town heading south and a west bound truck ran a yield sign. I ran strait into him. It all happened so fast I never had a chance to hit the brakes. I know I was going around 90 kms and he was going about the same. I have no major injuries just bruises, sore muscles, and whiplash. Hopefully no lasting injuries. Right now I am just taking it easy sitting around watching TV and talking on the phone.