Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few pictures from the weekend

My official photographer Penny Caster sent me some pictures from this weekend. If she keeps this up I may have to put her on the payroll.

Randy and I
(no Jenny Craig that is not a coke in my hand)

Isla on the fetch

Isla cross drive

Kipp and I

Feeling very old

Just starting to recover from Scott & Jenny Glen's trial this weekend. Who knew that driving around on the ranger all weekend would be so tiring. I am feeling way to old this week. Not sure how that can be. A combination of really hot weather, stress and to many mosquito bites. By Sunday afternoon I came to the conclusion that I need a blood transfusion because the mosquito's had sucked all the blood out of my body. Another conclusion I came to was that we are all going to die of west nile virus because it is impossible to stop those little bas***ds from biting. They even get into your house and assault you in your sleep in places I don't even want to mention.
Isla had a good trial. She has really started to come together this year. Now if I can just figure out this handling thing as well as she has we would be unbeatable.
I had the pleasure of driving the judge Sue Main from Wales to and from the airport. Sue was a joy to have around very nice lady. This was her first time to Canada not to mention Alberta. Yesterday before she left I gave her the tourist back country tour of the Rocky Mountains. Sorry Penny but I did actually stop a couple of time so Sue could take some pictures.
I was so busy helping out at the trial I did not have time to take any pictures.
Fun was had by all and we look forward to next years trial.

Next stop Buffalo, Alberta, August 15th.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Calgary Stampede

First time at Calgary is over and done with for almost a week now and I can safely say that I survived. It is funny how this trial has turned into a big event. Any other timed arena trial is just a trial. But at this trial my phone was ringing all day. Friends that could not be there were wanting a play by play report of who did what.
all though Isla and I were not in the money I can say that we held our own and can't wait till next year. We ran almost very last on the first day so I had the chance to watch 70 runs before I ran. The sheep were a definitely challenge. If you sent your dog to the head of the sheep you were pretty much toast. The sheep would just stand there and stomp until your dog was forced to grip or just sit there and stare until your time ran out. So my plan was to go out and have Isla just flank back and forth and move the sheep that way. Boy did that work. We zoomed around the barrels and before I knew it we were around and at the pen. That's when I made some rookie mistakes and couldn't get my head together and Isla gripped off at the pen. But up until then we had the fast chute time of the first round. The second round didn't go as well the sheep were really heavy to the other end of the arena and your dog had to hold them the whole time. We got to the chute and ended up in a stand off and when I said walk up Isla said "sure thing mom"and showed those girl how time move. I was not disappointed in her she has not been a dog not to move sheep. Just sometimes at the expense of a run.

Isla and me on the jumbo tron

I learned a couple of thing about stampede that I will take with me for next year.

1. make sure your cell phone is fully charged.
2. when dark clouds are coming run for cover NOW!
3. bring lots of cash
4. the Shriner's are not a fun thing to watch.
5. It's a small world after all
6. Always bring a caddy to carry things and keep track of what the hell you are doing

Friday, July 4, 2008

Not again

Hello Bloggers
Google has again deiced to block our IP address. So I come to you today from my husbands work computer. Which means no pictures. Sorry
I have been busy working my dogs and getting ready for Stampede. Today I went to my friends to work dogs. On the way out to the field I got my truck stuck in a mud bog and I mean stuck. She was buried. I did get pictures but you will have to wait for them.
Well the good news is the Stampede has arrived to Calgary. The bad news alot of tourists on the Deerfoot(main freeway in Calgary). So to all the tourists out there that big black truck in your rear view mirror is me so please "GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE"
Ok back to dogs.
Isla is working really well right now and I am looking forward to the trials coming up. Kipp is still a work in progress. He has good days and bad days. Right now Kipp's biggest problem is traveling. He just gets so keyed up when we are on the road. Hopefully after a year down the road he will come together and start to settle.
Off to the Stampede tomorrow. I will let you all know how it goes.
Wish me luck