Thursday, February 28, 2008

When the snow melts

Funny the things you find when the snow melts.
Some things you expect to find

like dog bones


And somethings you are happy to find

Like the crook I lost four months ago

And somethings you never excpet to find

Our place used to be a buffalo ranch. The dogs must have found this and drug it over to the shop sometime during the winter. By the way this is not one of my dogs in the picture. One of our contractors brings his dog with him. He fits right in with the rest of the gang. My dogs just keep asking me why he doesn't have a tail.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sheep and Dog weekend

Since we are all jammed in our holiday trailer. I have found the need to take off the odd weekend. This weekend was devoted to the sheep and dogs. On Saturday morning I loaded up the dogs and head north to Olds college for a one day lambing seminar. Seeing as how I have never lambed before I thought I could have something to learn. I had a great time and the day was well worth it. I decided to stay in Red Deer at a friends house then on Sunday we could work our dogs. Sunday morning we took the dogs for a long walk and then made a be line for Tim Hortons of course. And then off to another friends house to met up for lunch and some doggin fun. It was a good day. A little chilly but not to bad. Some of the best things about having dogs is just hanging out with other dog friends and workin' dogs.

Not much else new. Just waiting for spring to come. The house looks to be at least another couple of weeks away from being done. It can't come soon enough.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter camp almost like summer camp

Some peoples children beg their parnets to go to summer camp and some parents bag their children to go to camp. Well my boy really wanted to go to camp but not in the summer but in the winter. He has been so busy playing and making friends he has not even called or written home. Thank goodness that head camp counsellor Jenny has sent me some pics of Kipp and friends doing their favorite activities.

Learning to share

Connecting with relatives

playing football (the huddle)

Running for the end zone

And finally the tackle
Ok really it is not all just fun and games. I sent Kipp to the man himself Scott Glen for some fine tuning before the trial season begins. Scott has become pretty good at fixing my mistakes. Something you might not know about Scott is that he is also a pretty good golfer. It's true I witnessed it myself.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Just to rub it in

For all the Flames fans out there you know how hard it is to get tickets. Ok I mean real tickets not riff raff tickets. Much less for the battle of Alberta.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Famous Last Words

Yesterday I was so excited that it was +5 and the sun was still up at 5:20PM. So I jumped on the quad to take the dogs for a run. I haven't been running the dogs very much because of the cold weather. It was challenging at times to get the quad through the drifts. Why you ask was I not using the Ranger. That would be because some smarty at Polaris headquarters decided to make the rims out of aluminum just to be more pimped out. And what happens to aluminum in cold weather it shrinks and then the tires go flat. So we have to order a winter set of tires for our fancy now useless ATV. Anyways back to the story. I come upon a somewhat large snow drift and decide I can make it. "It can't be that deep" Famous last words.
So I back up to make to a run for it and drop the hammer. Bam Stuck!!! Well when I jumped off to survery that damage I am waist deep in the snow.

I know it dosen't look that bad. But it was. So whats a girl to do when her quad is stuck and she dosen't know how to drive the tractor. Get the big red Dodge. First I had to walk home and get the truck. And this being a spur of the moment thing all I had on was a sweater, sweat pants and runners. But most importantly I had my cell phone in case I couldn't get home and needed to call for help.

This is how we do things in Alberta.

Mission Acomplished!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nothing new

Nothing much new this week. Just trying to get by as we wait for spring to arrive. The house is slowly coming along. They have started to build the cabinets and hope to have them done by friday. Still hoping to move back in by the end of Feburary.
I would like to welcome my friend Lisa to the world of Blogging. She has been added to my favorite bloggers list. Now despite what Lisa may say I am not a Blog Dictator. I simply suggested that she keep her blog up to date or certain people might stop reading. I recieve alot of blog pressure to keep things going. Mostly it comes from people who don't even have a blog lets call him Mr. M. You know who you are. He has no idea what it takes to write a blog. Like Jenny says "It is a creative process that needs to be thought out carefully and dosen't happen overnight"