Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Practice for the big three

Today I helped a couple of friends practice for the big three trials that mark the end of trial season. The big three are ran on range ewes and rough terrain. So today my hair sheep played the part of the range ewes. The rough terrian was provided by my cousins hill fields right in the heart of the southern Alberta hills. The scenery is breathtaking you can see for miles to the east and to the west more hills and mountains. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera. But take my word for it nothing is better then working dogs in the hills. I could to it all day everyday.
For those of you that don't know the big three are:
Solider Hollow Classic, Heber City, Utah
Meeker Classic, Meeker, Colorado
USBCHA National Finals Sturgis, South Dakota
All world class trials with world class handlers.
Last year I travelled to Solider Hollow and loved every minute of it and this year we are travelling the Sturgis to the National finals. One day I hope to compete in all three.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A couple of new additions

I just wanted to post a quick blog to introduce a couple of new dogs.

First is Ice.

Ice is a coming three year old. He was trialed once before I purchased him and made a big impression. I will be trialing Ice next spring in Pro Novice and if things go well this fall as well. I have completely fallen in love with this boy he is super nice to be around and very fun to work. He will be getting his own page on the website when I get some free time.

Another new arrival is Zoey. I am very excited to see what Zoey has to offer in the future. Zoey made the long Flight from the UK last night. Zoey is a 10month old sable border collie. She is registered with the ISDS and is from total working lines. Zoey will also be getting her own page on the website soon.

This is Zoey just before she left for Canada.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look out world.

Since I have been busy trialing I forgot to Blog about Justice's big accomplishment.
He got his learners license and had his 15th birthday last week too.

I took this picture of the first time I let him drive my truck. Suffice to say now every time we go somewhere he wants to drive. And conversation is always around the subject of what car he should buy, the price of insurance or price of gas. He was very surprised when it took $160.00 to fill up big blacky.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What happens in Banff stays in Banff

All you need to know can be found in the lyrics of Amanda Marshall's song Sunday Morning After. LOL

Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Stockdog to Showdog

Last week Risk and I ventured into the city to go and visit some friends at the Alberta Kennel Club summer dog show. I don't get to visit my other dog friends very often. Working and trialing my dogs takes up alot of my time. Risk was feeling inadequate to go to a dog show so in preparation we decided to pretty him up. First was a bath so he did not smell of sheep or like a dog that sleeps outside. I could not take a picture of his bath because I was to busy holding him down in the bath tub. Second up was a fancy collar. This one was pretty and it has sheep on it too.Even though Risk is not a border collie he thinks of him self as a cross between a border collie and a Jack Russel. Hence all the barking that comes from his dog run. So when Risk saw all these different breeds he was a little taken back and was very quite and attentive for the day. He was especially freaked out at the little pug that snorted at him.

During lunch Risk was forced to hang with some of his new "friends" in an x-pen.

Doesn't he look happy.

That's better
At the end of the day Risk decided he would much rather stay on the farm then be a beauty queen.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To grandma's house we go

We deiced to move our cows this weekend to our place at Lacombe so they could graze down some of the grass. My mom has an acreage on the same property so we made a long weekend of it and took all the dogs. The dogs love to go to grandma's house so much to do it is like summer camp.
Lots of toys and Butch to through the toys all day

Miles of trails
with wildlife to chase(sorry deer were back!!)

Grandma does have one hard and fast rule. No dogs allowed in the garden

Whoops how did that get in there
(good Risky)

My mom learned very quickly that when you are picking vegetables out of the garden you don't leave the basket unattended or the dogs will gladly empty it for you. My dogs love their veggies.