Saturday, September 29, 2012

Who ewe looking at?

This picture says it all. This sheep made Mack's nursery run very difficult. Ran all over the course and then would not pen. Running the course is good if it was the Calgary Stampede but not at the National Finals.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Princess gear packed

Meg and I have packed our princess attire. Mack dosen't want to bring attention to himself so he is just going to sport his ranch wear.
We are about to leave for Oregon to attend the USBCHA national finals. Very excited to go back to Klamath Falls. Last time was so much fun.
BTW- this is a test of my mobile blogger app. Hopefully it works out.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Me and My Shadow

We have a new team member.
The coyotes have been over working bear and he was lonely. So we got him a friend and
future co-worker.
Right now her name is Glitzy but we may change it to Stella.
She is a three month old Pyrenees/Maremma

 They spent the last couple of days getting to know each other with the weaned lambs.

Bear is taking his new role very seriously.

Today I let them out in a smaller pasture.
When she got worried and went back to the shelter Bear came back and sat with her until she 
was ready to go back out.

As I write this they are out in the field hanging out with the lambs. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back in the saddle

I had to jump in sooner or later. 
After a rough spring and early summer. Many times I thought Craig was ready to work and in the end would come up lame again after a few days in a row of training. Finally in the end of July after a consult with Craig's Physiotherapist and vet he was given the OK to go back to work (I was the only thing holding us back). So I went back to working him and training. Craig has always hit the ground running even when he broke his leg, there was blood and bone sticking out of his leg and he was still holding the sheep in the corner. He has no quit in him. So I jumped in and entered him in the Pro Novice class in Shaunavon. The first run was total madness. A lot of forward and not a lot of control. We got to the pen and the nice square flanks went out the window and turned into slashing flanks. The pen is not the best place on the course the have those flanks. One ewe broke off and headed straight for the fence with Craig in hot pursuit. I immediately had an anxiety attack and called him off. I walked off to catch my breath and shake it off. Since Craig doesn't remember the past I am here to remind him now and then. 
The second day's run started off better he stopped and the top briefly and listened slightly better around the course. I was still out of breath when we were done and had penned the sheep. Ended up with a 78 to win the class that day. I was surprised because it didn't feel like a winning run in my head. 
More good news from the trial Stormy has nick named Craig the racing greyhound. Never a good idea to get stormy's attention. But I may give Craig a nice stiff drink in the pug before we run at the next trial. maybe slow things down a bit.