Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finals run

I needed a day to recover from my run to post about it. The sheep were not at all light like we were told they were going to be. In fact they were evil. The. Day started with Ian Zoerb and gyp getting an RT. On the lift the sheep split back to the set out and Gyp could not stop them. I thought the sheep were getting sweet before I ran but isla had other ideas. She started with a super wide outrun and then stopped short. I had a really hard time getting her to lift them after she lifted things looked nice but she did not want to push on them so it was sloww and we timed out at the shedding ring. She looked good but needed to push and they would have moved. Other Alberta are not fairing so well. Milt walked off, Joanne had a wild run. George and scott got good scores.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The calm before the storm

We arrived in Klamath sunday night around 6. Met some new friends from california and then drank way to much. I spent most of today paying for last night. I am having problems with my aircard so lam typing this on my blackberry. Sorry Jerry if there are spelling errors or grammar errors. Went to the practice field this afternoon it was hot and the sheep were tired Isla did OK. We will be running about 3 tomorrow and it is suppose to be hot. No pictures until I figure out how to post them from my phone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Walmart roads lead to trouble

We took a side trip to Pendleton, Oregon. My mom suggested we stop there and by her some dishes and the Pendelton Woolen Mill Store. Unbenounced to us this weekend is the 99th annual Pendleton Round up. Sort of like to Calgary Stampede but in a smaller town. We first planned to stay at the KOA but were laughed out of the office. "Don't ya know it's round up days". Plan B was to go to the good old Walmart parking lot. Wrong again. This whole town is over taken with cowboys, RVs and horse trailers. What we came up with was sneaking in to the parade participants camping area for the night. We got to the wool store. Sorry mom no dishes. But Lisa and I bought some nice clothes.

As a side note to yesterdays blog. Some people were wondering who the trouble makers were. Micheal Jennings, Milton Scott, and George Stambulic.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 1

Tonight we stop in Cranbrook. And already things have gone sideways.
Look who followed us into the walmart Parking lot.

This is the first time I have ever parked in a Walmart parking lot.

'The dog got a nice work out on George's sheep. Then Milt made us his specialty Hamburger helper. Using what ever is in the fridge or Cupboard.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let the sleepless nights begin

Last night was the first night that I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was my run at the finals. When I say it was my first sleepless night I would be lying. Ever since I started this sheepdog thing I have had many sleepless nights. If you haven't lost some sleep then you are not serious enough. Ask any serious dog trialer and they will recount many sleepless nights.
Tonight I went over to Judy's and we ran our dogs on the Canadian finals field. I didn't run Isla at the Canadians because she was not feeling well. So tonight was the first time we tried that field. It was very fun. We used Judy's lambs which were heavy and liked to lean on the dog. Usually Isla doesn't like that sort of thing but tonight she revealed in it. She just pushed right on back. Makes me feel very happy that she is feeling better. Judy even commented on how her spark was back.
Lisa and I are leaving tomorrow. We will go as far as Cranbrook and spend the night.
I will update my blog as much as I can while we are on the road.

Monday, September 14, 2009

How I spent my Sunday

Sunday was a full day. In the morning my friend George Stambulic stopped by and we worked our dogs. George is a force to be reckoned with on the trial field. Look for his name among the top at this years USBCHA finals. Isla was the worst I have ever seen her. She has decided a week before the finals to go through a false pregnancy. She is nesting, lactating and not eating. She really doesn't want to work much. My plan will be to try and get the best out of her, Keep her happy and don't get angry with her.
After George left I was enlisted to help haul hay. The hay is about 40 minutes from here west of Turner Valley.
In it so beautiful out there I it almost makes me sad.

I brought Jet along for the ride.

She had a blast.

The million dollar view attracts all sort of rich and famous.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Practice Time gone Array

I have been feverishly practicing up for the finals. This week Jerry (my trusty sheep setter) and I tried out a new field. My neighbour to the west moved his cows so the field is now available to work my dogs. the field is tough. Small rolling hills and a 600 yard out run proves challenging. I have heard from Lora that the sheep at the finals are going to be very light and a little crazy. So I had picked out five a my craziest sheep. In Hindsight I should have picked five slightly crazy not totally crazy. We were all set up. Isla did a beautiful outrun to the right and brought the sheep straight to me. she was being a little pushy but right now I prefer that over being hesitant. I turned the sheep around me and drove them halfway back for Jerry to pick them up and do it again. Jerry send Jed and the shenanigans ensured. Jed didn't see the sheep and in an effort to see them he actually bumped them down the field and in to neighbouring canola field. Jerry still being wet behind the ears herding wise. Sent Jed into the canola to retrieve the sheep. Waist high canola does not prove easy for a dog to spot the sheep. My crazy sheep split in three different directions. One with Jed hot on its heels straight west through the crop, Three back to the proper field and one into the nearest cattle herd. Long story short we lost Jed for 20 minutes. Isla held the single off the cattle. We finally found Jed and the single. I brought my single to the one Jed was chasing and the busted straight for the alfalfa field. By this point our dogs were cooked and I thought Jerry was going to pass out. I decided to leave the sheep and find them in the evening. I took some pics when I came back later that night. That brown sheep is going for dog food this fall. It was all Isla could do to keep her with the other sheep.

The craziest of the crazies

Isla is standing and can barely see them.

I brought some lazy dorpers as reinforcements

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Missing Solider Hollow

Two years ago Penny and I went to watch solider hollow we had so much fun. This time of the year I really miss it and want to be there. I wait anxiously for text updates from Jenny and watch the scores on the website waiting for updates. I would really one day be honoured to be invited and run on the big hill against the crazy range ewe.
This year we are proud to have three Albertans into the finals
Scott Glen and Maid
Dennis Gelling and Jan
Jo Ann Zoerb and Bryn.

You can follow tomorrows double lift finals Here

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a wee bit blustery

Straight out of Winnie the Pooh's blustery day book, something blew in yesterday after noon.

The wind blew this one more than 10 feet.

To put this into perspective our fences are 6 foot high game fence.
The shed flipped over and impaled it self on a fence post.
Not sure if we will be able to repair some of the sheds. Fortunately no animals were hurt. All but one of our shed blew over. Luckily the one that was housing an injured sheep stayed in place.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

When I am gone

Things happen while I am away. Mostly involves my husband and son buying things, making some sort of mess or just general debauchery. Most of the time I am scared to come home. This past weekend was no different.

I came home to my round pen

full of cows

Giant piles of cow shit, a big water tank and a hay feeder.

This sort of thing drives the control freak in me crazy!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finals pics

Hi all,
I was way to busy the watch any runs let alone take any pictures. So I enlisted the help of my friends to send me some.
Below are pics from Penny Caster

Shawna Burton One of our excellant set out people

Dennis Gellings and Jan with the winning run

Peter Gonnet and Jill reserve Champions

All the finalist in the morning