Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shedding clinic summary

I am fortunate to call Scott and Jenny good friends. But I would also call Scott my herding therapist. Many a time I have gone for a lesson or made a desperate phone call having some crisis of faith. Don't tell him but I think real therapists charge a lot more than he does. Last year I had a short shedding lesson with Scott and he asked me before I went to my sheep what my plan was. Sounded like a stupid question. But I didn't have an answer. This time a couple of days before the Clinic I came up with my plan. I would start with Isla and as long as she was trying for me I would stick with her for the three days. However if she got pouty and I in turn got mad and depressed about her performance than I would switch to Rob. Not the kind of plan Scott had in mind.  Well I am happy and sad to say I stuck to my plan. Isla got a day and a half and Scott nicely suggested I might want to switch her for Rob.
Glad I did switch because I actually got to work on shedding. Rob has many faults but he loves to shed. We even got to try the international shed and succeeded at it. I was happy with Rob and the amount of try he was giving me. I learned lots over the weekend and it really helped to watch all the different level of handlers shedding. Some of us are just starting out and some had been doing it for many year. It was a great group of people. It was just like summer camp.
I would like to shout out to Shannon Fritz. Met her for the first time this weekend. Shannon you are a hoot and you can come over for Chinese anytime.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Shedding we will go

This weekend we are attending our very first shedding clinic. Spending the weekend at Scott and Jenny Glen's.
Go to Jenny's trial blog for a full report  http://altapetestockdogs2.blogspot.com

Friday, June 18, 2010


I put my sheep in the north alley for a couple of days to graze it down. I didn't anticipate a years worth of rain in that couple of days.

Now my sheep were stranded behind this wall of water. 

I wasn't about to cross it. I know how deep it is when it is dried up. Thats why I have my trusty sheepdog. Having dogs has really just made me a lazier person.

It really only takes one sheep to convince the rest they should go as well. OK that and some well placed heel bites from Isla.

Off to higher ground

A happy working dog is muddy and tired.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A dangerous kind of love

Our shop cat has fallen in love. Not just with Token but with all dogs. A bad choice. My dogs are not used to cats and a couple of them may bite first and ask questions last. When I ordered a shop cat I wanted it totally wild so it had a chance. Thanks to Kristen for this great picture.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Chasing Unicorns

Ahh the elusive Unicorn. A mythical creature that some people swear they have seen. others have been so lucky to find and purchase their very own unicorn. I once again find myself in search of the unicorn. I have enlisted agents to act on my behalf to help out in the search of my unicorn. So close we have come to reaching our goal. But we find ourselves a day to late or a dollar or two short. 
Anyone guessed it yet?????

Yep, That's right. 

Looking for another dog. Something trained, easy to handle and able to move western sheep. Sounds simple I know. These dogs are few and far between. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is here

folks June in Finally here although you wouldn't know it by the weather. I took these pictures two days ago.

Today I ventured downtown to pick up my giant settlement from State Farm from my accident last year. We had decided to be the polite Canadians and not hire a lawyer to settle the case for us. That turned out to be foolish because State Farm took it upon themselves to say that I was speeding. Yes thats right people me going 10KM over the speed limit caused their client to run a yield sign right in front of me. Oh I forgot to mention that their client was also speeding. A whole 30 kms over the speed limit. I was sent to the lawyers today with strict instruction from Kyle not to say anything just sign and shut up. And came home with my winnings $7500.00. Just to remind you all here is a picture of my one ton dodge truck after my accident.

OK, Now on to more happier things. I have many things to look forward to in June. Which is good for me and my family. Turns out living in a 35ft trailer with the two frat boys makes me more than a little testy. In my defense I think they have turned my emotional state into a sport. I am not sure of the rules but when I figure them out I will let you know. Now on to the things I am thankful for in June.

1. My new trailer arrives my own personal hideout. (Jerry has dubbed the estrogen express)
2. Jenny is coming home. 
3. Shedding clinic ( really looking forward to the alcohol induced girl time) SANGRIA!!!!!!!
4. Start to trailing season ( more alcohol induce socializing. Who cares about running dogs)

Thats all for now. I may add to the list as it comes to me.

PS- Kyle said tonight that the truck still smells like death.