Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy week

Funny how days go by fast when you are running after a puppy trying to stop the constant peeing on the floor or worse. Risk is doing well. Growing like a weed. He is really interested in the cows. I have to watch him or he sneaks through the page wire to growl at them.

On Wednesday Lisa came down to work dogs and get prepared to go to her first field trial. On Friday we head out to Carlton creek stock dog trial. I was feeling a little unprepared because of all the snow we had I hadn't been able to really work my dogs since I got back from the Vernon trial.
Isla was again my little super star. She has really started to blossom. I now have to rethink the way I run her. In the past I have just tried to get her around the course. So my focus was to handle her. Now that we are more in tune I have to focus on handling the sheep. So in doing so I need to fix my timing.

Kipp is still a work in progress. He showed some improvement over the two days. His best day was Sunday when I helped out with the double lift. We were in charge of exhausting sheep, holding groups of sheep and catching loose sheep. Kipp was having a good time. He was enjoying pushing large groups of sheep. We have a large gap of time now till the nex trial. So its back to the training field.

Ok, So I stole this Picture from Lisa's blog. But I know she won't mind. I just know how much George will love this picture plastered all over the internet.

Risk loves George

Thanks to Lisa and Penny for the pictures.

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