Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Last Thursday was my birthday. Being as I was at a dog trial my husband waited until Monday to go to town and pick up my present. He called just before he got home to make sure I was not near a window. Than he came in and covered my eyes and took me outside. What could it be you are thinking a car, new holiday trailer. Now keep in mind this is the same man that in the past has bought me the following for various occasions.
-tow rope
-300 piece tool box
-water cooler

What could it be this time.

That right boys and girls a skid steer. while most girls are wearing pretty jewelry I will be out moving dirt and digging holes.

Kyle is very proud of his purchase


Sarah said...

the gift that keeps on digging :)

happy belated B'day!

An English Shepherd said...

Happy Birthday!

Wizz :-)

Sam said...

You lucky thing!
Happy birthday, too.

Jenny Glen said...

Scott doesn't see anything wrong with any of your presents.

Donna Brinkworth said...

Perfect! You know that intimacy means INTO ME SEE - and I think this shows Kyle knows you well! Happy Birthday!