Saturday, October 2, 2010

I know, I know

You know when your mother comments on your lack of blogging that things have gone terribly side ways. I seem to be stuck in some sort of vortex lately. A vicious circle of drinking too much coffee and complaining about my house not being done or the amount of rain we have been getting. My friend Bev calls this a "funk" I am stuck in it. Don't want to do anything just want to be a slug. The whole family has packed up for the weekend and traveled up to Lacombe to visit my mom, move some cows and bring the sheep home to go to market this week. Our house is slowly getting finished in the meantime I think our trailer gets smaller by the day.
Next weekend the the Alberta Stock dog year end finals. Should be fun as long as the weather holds. I have only entered Isla. I have decided to sell Rob. I like him as a dog to have around but him and I working wise just doesn't work. Not going to be an easy do to sell and I am particular as to where or who I would sell me dogs too. I hate it when dogs get passed around from home to home. In the meantime he is happy to chase Isla around the yard and move sheep around the farm.
Not much else new. Craig is coming along in his training. Bracken is living with Scott and Jenny. Scott will train her this winter and I have asked him to trial her a little in the spring if she turns out nice. Her personality has change quite a bit since she went to their house.

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