Wednesday, December 14, 2011

end of an era

Way back when I was in middle school my best friends at the time was Michelle. Her parents had a cow hide rug for under their pool table. I thought the rug was the coolest thing around. I was the only one other than her parents that liked the rug. Over the years that rug saw many party's, sleep overs, wrestlemania's (please don't judge) and scary movies. A couple years after high school Michelle told me her parents were finally going to throw out that old ugly cow hide rug. My heart stopped now was my chance to get my hands on it. I asked her mom if i could have it. Of course she said yes. I was over joyed.
Over the years this rug has traveled with us from house to house. It has raised many puppies and one now 18 year old. Still over time I was the only one that loved this rug. Now the time has come to say goodbye to the rug.  The cow hide is missing hair in more spots than not and most of the stitching is breaking down from old age. The stamp on the back of the rug says 1965. Imagine the things this rug has seen and heard.

After writing this I can't bring my self to just toss this in the dumpster. For now I am going to put it in the endless sea can. (which is a story for another time) in case I get nostalgic someday.


Sam said...

Could you make something from it? Coasters?

Jessica Moore said...

I need to ask you about one of your pictures that you posted over a year ago. If you could contact me I would greatly appreciate it!