Sunday, September 9, 2012

Me and My Shadow

We have a new team member.
The coyotes have been over working bear and he was lonely. So we got him a friend and
future co-worker.
Right now her name is Glitzy but we may change it to Stella.
She is a three month old Pyrenees/Maremma

 They spent the last couple of days getting to know each other with the weaned lambs.

Bear is taking his new role very seriously.

Today I let them out in a smaller pasture.
When she got worried and went back to the shelter Bear came back and sat with her until she 
was ready to go back out.

As I write this they are out in the field hanging out with the lambs. 

1 comment:

Louise Liebenberg said...

They look so cute together... Bear looks wonderful. I really like Glitzy as a name:)