Monday, December 24, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action

Last week Isla got her turn in the spotlight so to speak. A local animal wrangler called me looking for border collies for a commercial shoot the next day. With a little rearranging of my busy Saturday schedule I was able to go and spend the whole day on the set working with the trainer and my dog. I should start off by saying I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning. We had to be on set by 6:30. It was way out west in the hils.

The morning started with half the crew trucks getting stuck in the driveway.

I wasn't nervous until I saw how many people were there.
Most of the work was done in the house. Which was tiny and full of people and equipment. Isla just hit the ground running. Totally sucked up to the director which really helped. I thought she did really well considering she is not trained for this and has never been on a set before.

It was really hard to get any pictures. I didn't want to look like the crazy tourist lady on the film set.

The food was amazing. Every time we went into the craft service building there was something new to eat. 
Lunch was a full on turkey spread. Some of the best turkey I have ever had.

The scenery very was really pretty although it was bitterly cold all day. 
It took me all day to figure out what the commercial was for. Finally at the end of the day I figured it out. Electricity
It is for a local power company. Funny I thought it was for coffee. There was a lot of coffee drinking by the actors in the house all day. The day was long and tiring but really interesting. I have a new appreciation for people who do this for a living. It is hard work and not at all glamorous. 

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Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Now that is pretty cool! And I bet that Isla was the bright and shinning star!