Sunday, February 10, 2013

That's my dinner

This is a terrible picture from our game camera. 
It's our neighbors spaniel fighting a coyote for some dead sheep.

Never mind that this is on our property and a couple kilometers from the Spaniels house.
Unfortunately in our neighborhood when you move to the country you get a pack 
of dogs and let them run a muck across the countryside.

Funny enough I talked to a guy today about a four year old guardian dog. He needs to 
get rid of her because she keeps killing his neighborhood dogs.
But if the dogs are harassing your sheep whats the big deal.


Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

That's just not right. What happens if the dogs harassing the sheep actually kill the sheep? Or what happens if an evil minded mamma ewe hurts one of those sweet dogs that would never hurt a sheep? The guy should be able to keep his LGD. The people who own dogs that chase sheep should have to confine their dogs or get rid of them.

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