Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Intervention, rehab, then road to recovery.......

When I look at this picture I see a strong confident dog. But that is not the case. Kipp has been back from winter camp for a little over a week now. The main problem Kipp has is that he is very tense and scared around sheep. When I was starting Kipp on sheep he was super grippy. In fact Scott nicked named him Hannibal. So of course my natural reaction was to stop that right away and by stopping that I created a dog that would chose flight instead of fight. By flight I mean nice big clean flanks which looked super impressive until you ask him to walk up into his sheep. In a matter of months he went from walking up really cautious to not walking up at all. This got me super scared. Which is the reason he went to rehab.
So now my boy is on the road to recovery. Right now that road looks very long, curvy and hilly. I do have to admit that because of us moving back in to the house I have not worked my dogs as much as I should. We have our first field trial of the year bearing down on us. So I must get to work.

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