Friday, July 4, 2008

Not again

Hello Bloggers
Google has again deiced to block our IP address. So I come to you today from my husbands work computer. Which means no pictures. Sorry
I have been busy working my dogs and getting ready for Stampede. Today I went to my friends to work dogs. On the way out to the field I got my truck stuck in a mud bog and I mean stuck. She was buried. I did get pictures but you will have to wait for them.
Well the good news is the Stampede has arrived to Calgary. The bad news alot of tourists on the Deerfoot(main freeway in Calgary). So to all the tourists out there that big black truck in your rear view mirror is me so please "GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE"
Ok back to dogs.
Isla is working really well right now and I am looking forward to the trials coming up. Kipp is still a work in progress. He has good days and bad days. Right now Kipp's biggest problem is traveling. He just gets so keyed up when we are on the road. Hopefully after a year down the road he will come together and start to settle.
Off to the Stampede tomorrow. I will let you all know how it goes.
Wish me luck

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