Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling very old

Just starting to recover from Scott & Jenny Glen's trial this weekend. Who knew that driving around on the ranger all weekend would be so tiring. I am feeling way to old this week. Not sure how that can be. A combination of really hot weather, stress and to many mosquito bites. By Sunday afternoon I came to the conclusion that I need a blood transfusion because the mosquito's had sucked all the blood out of my body. Another conclusion I came to was that we are all going to die of west nile virus because it is impossible to stop those little bas***ds from biting. They even get into your house and assault you in your sleep in places I don't even want to mention.
Isla had a good trial. She has really started to come together this year. Now if I can just figure out this handling thing as well as she has we would be unbeatable.
I had the pleasure of driving the judge Sue Main from Wales to and from the airport. Sue was a joy to have around very nice lady. This was her first time to Canada not to mention Alberta. Yesterday before she left I gave her the tourist back country tour of the Rocky Mountains. Sorry Penny but I did actually stop a couple of time so Sue could take some pictures.
I was so busy helping out at the trial I did not have time to take any pictures.
Fun was had by all and we look forward to next years trial.

Next stop Buffalo, Alberta, August 15th.

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