Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home late Monday night thanks in big part to Sirius Satellite radio's Big 80's channel. It was a very long drive home.
Our trip was anything but uneventful. We arrive in Sturgis on Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon my cell phone quit working. For anyone who knows me you know how tragic that was for me. No phone meant no blogs. Then the next day on the way to mount Rushmore my truck broke down. Thankfully we were already in sturgis and had plenty of friends to help us out.
We had a great time watching the trial and meeting new people. By semi finals day the top seven handlers were Canadians all but one are from Alberta. Nice to know that we are competing against some of north Americas best handlers every time we go to a local trial. Tough sheep in the semi finals proved challenging. Some of my very good friends tried hard but just couldn't hold on to make it to the finals. After a long day of finals runs. Ian Zoreb and his dog Peg ended up on top. Ian is also from Alberta.
Below are some pictures I took. I didn't take much with my camera. Lisa was the main photographer of this trip. Iam sure if you check her blog she will have some pics up soon.

Mount Rushmore

Grant Harassing local Wildlife

Somewhere in Wyoming but looks just like home

Zoey learning from the experts

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