Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Box Delivery

Oh what could be in such a big box
A little lap top

talk about excess packaging
Isn't it cute though


WalkOn Border Collies said...

Now now Louanne, you don't see the whole picture. Think about how many Chinese or Phillipines got several more hours of work at $.05/hour for packing that all up? Actually....think about your friend in BC who used to make her living unpacking(and then having to get rid of all that cardboard and plastic) dozens of those very same Dell boxes. Along with their counterpart monitor boxes, keyboards, docking stations, power bars and cords. My only tool for my bigtime techie job was a pocketknife! I wouldn't be living the life of retired stockdog apprentice if it weren't for those boxes. LOL

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Ha! I love it - I work with Dell computers and we are constantly requesting less packaging!

Found your blog through BCRO's blog. Thought I'd stop in for a comment! Hope to be back soon.