Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally dug out (sort of)

Us Southerner's are not used to this much snow. Maybe if we lived in the north we would be but alas we live in the land of warmer weather and working dogs all year round. But I digress.
Kyle worked very hard for two days to get the outdoor arena dug out so I could work dogs and do outside lessons on warm days. After two days of this there was talk of buying me a skid steer so I could do my own digging. I guess I am a little particular on how things are done. Imagine that.

Isla and Jet are my models for today.

Plowing the arena out was not without it's miss hap's.

OMG! Jet NO!

Isla Loves the snow piles because now her highness has a throne to reside over the rest of the commoners.

Whoops how did that get in there. OK this is not me bragging about being able to work dogs. This is me bragging about a picture of Risk where is not trying drag the sheep down to the ground. In the last week he has really changed. OK he is still a handful at times but it is getting to be less and less.

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Sarah said...

OMG poor michael!

the snow if just insane isn't it, glad you are mostly dug out!!