Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marathon rap up

Got home late Monday night. I am still recovering from our two week trial marathon.
Turns out the One Tree trial wasn't as bad as I thought. We picked up like a caravan of carnies moved two hours down the road to the Hilltop trial. The field was gorgeous. The sheep were super hard reminded me a bit of Sturgis sheep last year. You dog would be moving them along nicely and they would just turn around and stomp your dog into the ground. The first day started off crazy 45 Pro Novice dogs and only 9 scores. It took longer to exhaust your sheep then retire from your run. I ended up getting DQ'd from the first pro novice and retiring in the Open. Isla tried hard but it was not worth the frustration on her part and mine.

Lisa, Jenny and I in our stampede gear.

After two days we moved on the the Calgary Stampede. This was my second time and I felt more prepare. The sheep were tough to pen and it was really luck of the draw. You really only needed a pen and a good chute time to get into the finals. In the second go round I had my sheep in the pen and was about three inches from closing the gate and I ran out of time.
In the end it was Pam Boring and Mirk who pulled off the ultimate $10,000 prize.

I stole this pic from Lisa. I just love Pam's look on her face. She had just closed the pen gate and looked up at the clock to realize she had just beat the previous fast time by one second to win.


kristi said...

That is a great pic of Pam and Mirk!

Doodles said...

Beautiful beautiful dogs ,

greetings from Scotland