Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finals run

I needed a day to recover from my run to post about it. The sheep were not at all light like we were told they were going to be. In fact they were evil. The. Day started with Ian Zoerb and gyp getting an RT. On the lift the sheep split back to the set out and Gyp could not stop them. I thought the sheep were getting sweet before I ran but isla had other ideas. She started with a super wide outrun and then stopped short. I had a really hard time getting her to lift them after she lifted things looked nice but she did not want to push on them so it was sloww and we timed out at the shedding ring. She looked good but needed to push and they would have moved. Other Alberta are not fairing so well. Milt walked off, Joanne had a wild run. George and scott got good scores.


gr8bcs said...

Good for you for having gone as far as you did! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

livin life said...

All I can say is....the lambs grew up! They ate cannery leftovers all summer......Be that as it did yourself proud! Congrats on running at the finals.....and great to see you. Next time, save me a bed :)

livin life said... is me, Lora, your friendly parking navigator....and new mental management coach!