Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Walmart roads lead to trouble

We took a side trip to Pendleton, Oregon. My mom suggested we stop there and by her some dishes and the Pendelton Woolen Mill Store. Unbenounced to us this weekend is the 99th annual Pendleton Round up. Sort of like to Calgary Stampede but in a smaller town. We first planned to stay at the KOA but were laughed out of the office. "Don't ya know it's round up days". Plan B was to go to the good old Walmart parking lot. Wrong again. This whole town is over taken with cowboys, RVs and horse trailers. What we came up with was sneaking in to the parade participants camping area for the night. We got to the wool store. Sorry mom no dishes. But Lisa and I bought some nice clothes.

As a side note to yesterdays blog. Some people were wondering who the trouble makers were. Micheal Jennings, Milton Scott, and George Stambulic.

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