Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earning her keep

Like all farms we have a shop cat. We have gone through a couple of cats. We are not cat people therefore we like the cats that are wild and hide from us. Saves them from the dogs too. Our new cat has gone from wild the very tame and loves to be scratched. She greets us when we come into the shop and never goes outside because that is where the scary dogs live. Today when I went into the shop she didn't follow me she sat and stared at the wall.

trying to tell me something

Hello stupid human look up
"what is it lassie"

From a person who is scared of birds. Bats are even scarier. I am going to have to pull Kyle off the baler the come and do something about this situation. Not to be confused with "The Situation"


An English Shepherd said...

Wow !!! Clever cat :-)


Kristi said...

ACK!!!!! That is so much worse than the bird that flew into my house!

p.s. am glad that I am not the only one afraid of birds.

p.p.s. The Situation is ten kinds of awesome.

Kathy said...

Our barn cat kills bats. Tell her to get up there and take care of that bat. (c;

Wendy said...

Don't be afraid - apparently they are very good for mosquito control - I'll keep the mosquitoes - I had a bat fly down the chimney of a house, and really don't like them at all!

Jenny Glen said...

Send the bat to my house - I need mosquito control!