Friday, August 13, 2010

Survival of the fitest or not !!!!

Recently I started feeding raw every couple days. I found it easier for me to butcher my cull ewes for dog food than try to sell them.  So Jerry and I came up with a deal he would deal with the messy stuff and we would share the meat. Turns out I am the 98% of raw feeders that really can't deal with the killing, blood and guts. And honestly I do not consider my self a raw feeder. Raw is a treat for my dogs. When I go on the road they will get kibble and the majority of the week the get kibble.

Rob attacks it like a pro. Bones stripped to nothing in minutes. I am pretty sure Rob has had to survive in the wild at sometime in the past or a previous life. He eats everything like his survival depends on it. The rest of the dogs are the same. Even Isla who is notorious for not eating. I think she is just to bitchy not to eat it. Just in case the other dogs get to it. 

Then we have Craig's Kennel

This bone has been in his kennel for over three hours. He would basically starve if he lived in the wild.

so ashamed for his species

But still the pretty boy with have come to know and love.

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Lilo & Elle said...

hey, i just happend apon your blog and love it. lol. your dogs are beautiful!
following for sure. =)