Friday, December 31, 2010

Making Progress

Strider continues to make progress on his rehabilitation. In the past week I have noticed him really trying hard not to disrupt the sheep with his movement. This is exactly what I was hoping he would learn. Another thing that is interesting is that the sheep really seem to know when he maybe isn't thinking properly. Sometimes he can walk right through them and another time he can't even get with in 20 ft of them. Just the other day he saw the fox running through his field and he jumped up and bolted right past the sheep to chase the fox and the sheep hardly lifted their heads. As it stands right now they really aren't buddy's I think the sheep tolerate him in their vicinity but only because he is the necessary evil. Yesterday it was bitterly cold and I watched Strider try to figure out how to get into the shelter without upsetting the sheep. he desperately wanted into the shelter out of the wind. So he would walk up to it and go around the back and then go around the other side and peek in. Then finally after 30 minutes he lowered his head and slowly walked in and lied down.  
Took this picture Christmas day

And this one today

This is currently my full time job. Watching  the guardian dog out the front windows. To bad it pays really badly because I am getting pretty good at it. When we are not home he is tied up to his fancy dog house.

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