Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter chores

As far as I'm concerned farming in the winter is way more work than the summer. I feel like I coast all summer gain weight only to suffer from muscle cramps and heart palpitations in the winter. I am way to out of shape for all this feeding and bedding shit. It might have something to do with the ten layers of clothing I am wearing.

Everyone loves a fresh new bed.

Kyle multi tasking as always.
Note to self:
 Install blue tooth in the tractor for safe driving our fences and gates with thank us later.

WLD (World's Laziest Dorper)
"Who you lookin at"

Strider on his time out chain. He has been a bad boy lately. He now only gets to be loose with his sheep when he can be supervised. He is none to happy about this change by the fun police. I'll tell you training a guardian dog is thee hardest thing I have had to do. Strider has a good heart just lacks direction at times.

Evidence of some badness. This poor girl is the object of Strider's "affection". 

Bad dog!!!

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