Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plans for 2011

There is nothing much going on here other than the cold and giant drifts of snow. So I am going to take this opportunity to share some of my plans for the year. I looked back at past new years post on my blog discussing my big plans with my young dogs. Funny this about this sheepdog trialing it never seems to go as planned. I maybe jinxing myself by actually putting it in writing. My friend Jerry thinks his blog is the blog of doom. If he writes about how much he is liking a dog or anything inevitably that whatever doesn't turn out for various reasons. So fingers here it goes.

Going to start the year off with a bang

Finally one of my dreams will be realized. I am going to pack up all my flying anxiety and the dogs and go to the Bluegrass Classic in Kentucky. Right now the plan is to fly to Chicago and then drive to Lexington. Another life long dream is to go to Kentucky. I grew up showing and training horses and always thought Kentucky was a magical place. My partner in crime for this trip will be Wendy Schmaltz. Looking forward to all the "adventures" we are certainly going to have. Meg will be running in the open and Craig will be running nursery. Three of Isla's pups will be running at the Bluegrass. I have asked Scott Glen to run Bracken for the spring in hopes of qualifying her for the nursery finals in September. Jenny Glen will be running Syn the Isla pup they own. 
Shortly after getting back from the Bluegrass I will be heading to North Dakota to the two trials there in the beginning of June. 
Rest of the summer is mostly local trials not much traveling until September. End of August will be the Canadian Border Collie Championships in Cranbrook, BC. After that is the big three trials in a row Solider Hollow. Meeker and the USBCHA Finals. Still trying to decide if I am going to all three as it will be a long time on the road. If you asked me right now in the cold January. Hell yeah I am going. Right now I would go on the road for weeks if it meant I could work and trial my dogs. This is the time of the year I miss it terribly. But I digress. While I won't be running a dog at Soldier Hollow or Meeker (Meg needs some more years under her belt first) I do want to go and watch and cheer my friends on or pull them off the ledge. Solider Hollow was too much fun last time I went and I have never been to Meeker before. After Meeker it is a short drive to the National Finals. So looking forward to that. 
So much fun ahead this year. 


Louise said...

Your missing one great stop on your herding adventure! You must come further East and put Kingston on your list at some point!
I can't believe Wendy couldn't talk you into going.

kevin blumer said...

love your picture on the top use to work on a farm so it takes me back to them days use to love it