Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes folks it is that time of year again. Every year I say no teaching lessons in January and February just because of the snow and cold. And every year I still book lessons on a warm stint in the weather and then it dumps snow and the temperature plummets. The dogs and I are stuck in the middle of winter blah's. Meg resorts to getting fat and barking in the kennel. Isla's out let is chewing on her feet and stressing about Meg getting in trouble for barking. The boys are not smart enough to know any better. Me I am sad to look out the window and see the arctic tundra that is a fields. If I wasn't on a diet I would drink my self into submission each night. Another thing that really diggs the knife in your back is facebook. All the post from my various dog friends from around the world. Working dogs in t-shirts, green grass and lawn chairs how sad for me. Yesterday there was talk of flying to Vegas for a couple of days but then we remembered we would still have to come back to the arctic tundra.
Welcome February can't wait for you too leave.


Camp said...

Hey--the good news it is February! Spring will be here soon...and those great dogs will be ready to go! You could in the meantime..finish the house blog...some of us dont know how the story ends!!! anxious to see it completed!

And how you manage to consider cutting back on food at a time like this..well that gets you an A++++ in my book...with sunshine outside I struggle trying to be good just one day!

Phantom Ridge Border Collies said...

Debbie you rock. Thanks for the chin up talk.