Friday, May 27, 2011

This much I know is true

I find my self with barely enough time to breath before we leave again. Lisa and I will be heading out to North Dakota trials on Monday. I thought I would just mention a couple of things I learn on our trip. More blogs will be up loaded with pics of our adventures.

- I will never again fly with American Airlines and always fly with West Jet
- Calvin Jones sings a mean Lady Gaga, Adele and Summer loving
- I will highly recommend the Toyota Sienna mini van.
- It really does get cold and rainy in Kentucky and then bloody hot again
- Apparently saying "For Fuck Sakes" is very funny to most Americans and then becomes the running joke
- The nursery field at the bluegrass is very small and tricky (not sure I will do that again)
- The memoirs of Calvin Jones are going to be very interesting
- Wendy Schmaltz is a die hard blogger. We arrived at one hotel around midnight and she opted to blog instead        of getting four hours sleep.
- When you leave the windows down on the van so the dogs can get air it will always rain. But only gets Calvin's seat wet. (haha)
- GPS is always necessary not matter how much Wendy's says we are fine.
- Wendy is not a good navigator
- The Lexington ring round goes around and around. "hey there is the horse park, hey there is the horse park again. Wait a minute!!!!!!! Wendy where the heck is our turn"
- A 12 hour car rental costs almost the same as a week

Until next time


Wendy said...

I thought I told you we were just having a tourist's view of the ringroad of Lexington-we (or I) won't make the same mistake next year!

Wendy said...

What about "McDonalds always serves people with a smile"?

Donna Brinkworth said...

Hilarious! I have enjoyed your trip commentaries so much. When we get together, I will share with you all of the Irish F words to enhance the vocab for the American's pleasure. It's like Eskimo words for snow, the way the Irish use F words, LOL. I know, not much to do with stockdogs, or maybe a lot to do with them, on second thought! Have fun in ND.

Camp said...

heehee i mean really that was a funny new word for me.