Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catch up blog day

I have a few moments of free time to catch up. I have been so busy and seem to not get anything done not sure how that happens. Each day the list gets longer and longer. How does someone who is not employed still need and assistant. Oh and a maid would be nice too. I have had a stressful couple of days which I will catch you all up on later. For now lets look back on Kentucky.

Driving through Chicago was an experience.

We visited the Kentucky Horse Park one day. You could spend days here and not see everything. It was raining that day so we practically had the place to ourselves.

Spent a couple hours at the Keenland racetrack.
This place is really a town all to it's self.

The fanciest gift shop I have ever been in.
Wendy tried to find her self a new hat.

Some well known trainers had horses at Keenland when we were there.
Wendy was more concerned about the pretty bird sitting on the fence.

After all this we were there for a dog trial.
This was the open field. A nice rolling field running on yearling ewes.

Nursery field
A small fenced field which proved to be the more challenging of the fields.

I had a great time at the Bluegrass and would defiantly go back. 

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An English Shepherd said...

Keenland racetrack looks like a nice place to visit & like the hat ;-)