Thursday, June 16, 2011

North Dakota wrap up

Now a days a persons travels are rated by how many new facebook friends you come home with. Some of us like Jamie travel around to met current facebook friends in person. Our North Dakota trip was epic in a sense that everything was larger than life. The trial fields, the weather, the flooding, and the friendship amongst 
handlers.  We started out at The Big One and then on to the Slash J trial. Due to all the flooding most of the handlers camped in town at the local campground. A luxury to have power. Quickly the days all gobbed together I have a hard time remembering my runs. What I do know is that we ended up middle of the pack most of the time.

Trial field at The Big One
900 yrd outrun
This is what it looked like the second time we ran

Trial field at Slash J

After the trial we stayed a couple extra days to take in an Aled Owen advanced handling clinic. We mostly worked on shedding and some turn backs. It was a good learning experience. I really need to work on my shedding and Aled gave me some good drills and things to think about. 
We had a great time in North Dakota and will definitely be back.