Friday, September 30, 2011

September a month in review

So it has been a while. I have been home for a week now and finally getting back some sort of normalcy back in my life. I had big plans of blogging while on the road for three weeks. But alas the great states of Utah and Colorado don't really believe in modern communication. At one point I saw a sign that said pony express crossing. I thought that was a historical sight. No No it is still in service. I never thought of a place without cell or internet service was possible.
Before I go through my pictures and tails of dog trialing. I would just like to talk about some things I learned on this trip. Some I already knew but had forgotten.

- When it says seasonal vegetables on a menu it usually means they have come from a can.
- paybacks a bitch and comes back three fold.
- by day three of no cell phone the shakes will settle down. And the people with free Wifi see you coming and know you by name.
- Apparently in Lima, Montana they don't get many news up dates and still think Secretariat is still alive.
- The is not a gas station between here and Colorado that I have not backed the princess castle out of.
- Words I thought I would never say "I am going to ride my bike up the hill to the lodge" Mostly the words are bike and hill.
- There is nothing like barking dogs as an alarm clock everyday for three weeks. Makes me want to by stock in Tritronics.
-  Someone needs to invent a new fuel made from sage brush. There is just to dam much of it. Makes it hard for a girl the ride her bike.
- A recipe for a good time Princess castle, Sangria, lots of friends, wrangler jeans and a tube of Sexy Mother Pucker. Sounds a little crazy I know and it was.
- A girl can drink too much Sangria. But boys can't get enough of it.

No matter how far I travel I make the best of friends and met up with old ones. Thank goodness for no cell service otherwise I would be texting them all the way home.
"do you miss me yet"
"where are you now"

Every time it gets harder to say good bye.


Doniene said...

You made me smile!!! Thanks I needed that.

Have a great weekend.

Canines 'N Ewe said...

Was great seeing you...thanks for allowing us into the castle to try out the Sexy Mother Pucker...and have a look at the booty up jeans!! Wow..who knew...