Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Canadian finals

I am about to head out for Utah just some last minute things to do. My second run in Cranbrook was mediocre still no pen. Meg was not listening to me which lead to me yelling at her and her taking offense.  In the end we ended up one point shy of making the double lift finals. So instead of running a dog I was asked to set out for some runs. Now that everybody knows my prowess on a horse I am the next go to person behind Chris and Wendy Schmaltz. The good part is Chris and Wendy supply me with a nice broke horse.
The view from the top is spectacular. Mountains and hills surrounding you. If I lived there I would defiantly have a horse to go riding in the hills for hours.
I took very little pictures from the weekend. The first half my camera battery was dead and then I was too lazy.
In the end Scott Glen and Don prevailed as Canadian Champions with Dennis Gellings and Jan in the reserve spot.
One thing I did accomplish this weekend was two perfect sheds. I guess you can"t have it all. Didn't hit a panel or pen but now I can shed. Always some sort of Unicorn standing beside me.
Now I am off to Solider Hollow for moral support and shopping.


Doniene said...

Have a good time in Utah!! I always appreciate that you find something positive from every run.


Kathy said...

Have fun at Soldier Hollow!! Good luck!!

Sarah said...

Have a great trip!!!! And good job with Meg on the weekend!

kellynbreesmom said...

I really enjoy your photos. The dogs are so cute.The rock x-ray was amazing ,The poor dog! I hope She is not still eating them. My dog eats all kinds of weird things but his favorite is money!