Sunday, October 16, 2011

As promised

Bad cell phone photos

Most days Joe didn't get up until around 10 AM

This was my view everywhere we went. Following Scott and Jenny. 

Amanda at Solider Hollow doing her movie interview after her run.

I love the VIP room at Solider Hollow

The famous Meeker statue.

Couple of Meeker locals. If the set out crew wore these outfits then maybe Meg would have seen her sheep up the field.

good times in the princess castle. Joe was the center of attention. I here Alison and him are BFF's now.

Alastair holding court as a webcast commentator. I am told he was very good at it.

Ten minutes from home after three weeks on the road.

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JaderBug said...

Did you ever get the sticker put on the side of your trailer?