Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Veterinary train wreck

Somewhere in this house or on our property there is a broken mirror or a ladder that I keep walking under and don't even know it. As you all know Craig broke his leg in June and it is still an on going battle to get him fixed up. I don't think there has been a week go by this year that I haven't been to the vet or a physiotherapist. To top it off my dogs are now looking for ways to hurt them selves. A couple weeks ago Lisa and I loaded up the dogs and headed off the British Columbia for Holly's trial. When we left Meg had thrown up in her dog run but I thought nothing of it dogs do that sometimes. We Meg proceeded to get sick the whole way to Holly's. When we arrived I asked Wendy to look at Meg. She gave her expert opinion of WTF. I think x-rays are in order for the morning. Off I went to Holly's vet in Armstrong. And this is what we saw.

Kind of blurry because I took the picture with my cell phone but you get the idea.
Meg eat 3.5 pounds of rocks from her dog run.
Very unlike something she would do.

She was one sick puppy on the drive home. Didn't move an inch.
A week later we were back to the vet when she developed an abscess and it had to be drained. She was put on heavier antibiotics the help fight infection.
She is still on lock down but feeling much better.

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Donna Brinkworth said...

Hi Louanne. I really feel for you. There is nothing worse than that helpless feeling even when you are doing all you can. We are all rooting for Craig and Meg and you! I think you should make a simple demand of God for things to instantly improve and just expect and believe it will happen. Sometimes, that works as trite as it sounds. It's that law of attraction, secret stuff. That's about all I can offer other than my own prayers and positive energy.