Saturday, January 21, 2012

How do you remove a curse?

I am not sure it is possible for a dog or a person to be cursed.
All this could be my fault not the dogs. I have certainly had my share of bad luck over the years. Risk being included in the run of bad luck. 
I believe Risk is cursed. He has been searching for a new home for over a year now. OK, to be honest a couple of years. We have had some very close calls. Almost to the point of people coming out to meet him and then something weird will happen like their car breaking down on the way here and then never to be heard from again. I will get a call from the perfect home after days of communication they will plan to come and meet him and then not show. I no longer hold up hope that Risk will find a home. I believe the cure is too strong to break. 
Too Bad he would make somebody and really good buddy.

He loves to go for ride in any vehicle and gets along well with other dogs.

He has an amazing recall.

There was the unfortunate knife fight incident in New Mexico a couple of years ago when he lost his eye.

Why you ask is Risk looking for a home. Well he is a herding wash out.
Anyone knowing how to break this curse can email be with the details.


Jenny Glen said...

ROTFL! Knife fight in Mexico!?

Joan said...

hey your last sentence, was it a Freudian slip, or...part of the *C U R S E* ??? LOL!!

Christine said...

If we had known, we just adopted Cloe, here in Albuquerque. She is a Awesome Border Collie, who has adopted us!

Anonymous said...

That is just awful...Risk is the fourth kelpie I now know of searching for a new home...I am owned by two keplies already but will keep Risk in mind if I hear of anyone.