Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Puppy portraits oh the agony

It has been pointed out that my pup has been here nine days and I have yet to post more pictures. Getting the little turd to pose for pictures is pure torture. For me.
Bless Joe for helping me raise the puppy so far. He taught Gus how to go outside and down the stairs. Joe also is very good at wearing Gus out. I do fear this is coming to an end soon. Gus can now beat Joe in the chase game and is learning what his teeth are for.
Gus has a beautiful set of show dog ears. Really accentuates his bull terrier like head.

I also managed to get this nice pic of Joe before I lost the sweet light.


livin life said...

Oh dear.....those ears just make me want a puppy in the worst way!!!! He is soooo cute! And Joe should be nominated for Sainthood! Just sayin

Monique said...

Hehe. Gotta love the bull terrier gene ;) Rye was often assumed to be a bully as a pup at the park.

Sarah said...

Don't bull Terriers usually have prick ears ? I'm sure they'll come up :) :) he is so damn cute.

manymuddypaws said...

super cute, too bad about the pink collar. ;)