Thursday, February 9, 2012

Auditioning a new friend

In the past I have had no luck with Guardian dogs. Luckily now we have Bear and he is super. Just turned two and hitting his stride. With our sheep numbers now over two hundred Bear is needing some help. Raising a puppy just takes too long. We are currently auditioning a new friend for Bear.

Hannah is an 18 month old Maremma. She came from a farm not far from here where they had sold all their sheep and needed to re-home all their dogs.

She is still learning the ropes. Only been here a month now.

Bear and her are getting along good.


Jenny Glen said...

Bear is sooo pretty!

Louise Liebenberg said...

Good luck with Hannah. She looks like a nice dog! Bear looks great. Quite a looker!!

Donna Brinkworth said...

He looks like such a boy, and she looks like such a girl! Great pair!