Monday, February 20, 2012

Making a ranch dog

Mack is a customer dog that has been here since October. I will be running him in nursery this year. In an effort to make training a little more interesting I have been using him to do farm chores and sorting sheep for lessons. This week after some snow we needed to feed sheep. We have increase our flock tremendously this year. We currently have 120 yearling ewe lambs and 50 bred ewes. This weeks task was hold the sheep of the feeders so Justice could get the bales into the feeders without being ran over by sheep. Or sheep getting run over by the tractor.

Meg is also the helper. Although small problem working Mack and Meg together I am regularly telling Mack to lie down and Meg thinks I am talking to her. Their names sound too much the same.

Here is the obligatory Guardian dog picture.

Next the ewes. We just bought a flock of pure bred Katahdins that have never been moved by a dog. Mack handled them like a pro.


Louise Liebenberg said...

Love these pictures, specially the obligatory one! Your sheep look good, nice bunch!

Donna Brinkworth said...

Lucky sheep to live there, it is a great spot, and selfishly, I am very happy to see all those sheep, LOL. I live my life vicariously by reading your blogs. Great photos.

Jenny Glen said...

Yea for the guardian dog picture!

Natalie about border collie said...

LOL! Lesson learned from reading this blog - do not name your dogs that will sound the same. LOL. Great photos!