Friday, March 2, 2012

Craig update nine months and counting

I really think Facebook has ruined me as a blogger. I post little things here and there on Facebook and then forget all about my blog followers. One of those being my mom and her co workers. Although my mom has stepped into the current century and purchased her very first computer and wait for it "got the internet". Way to go mom.
We are moving into month number 10 since Craig broke his leg. It has been a long and expensive haul. As of mid January Craig was discharged from Physiotherapy and from the care of the orthopedic surgeon. His radius is fully healed thanks to the bone graph. However his ulna is still broken and hopefully in time will heal it's self. Now it is up to me to recondition him and try to bring him back to where he was. Craig goes for weekly underwater treadmill appointments and goes swimming as well. He is by no means sound. He has a pronounced limp. I am hoping in time the limp will go away.

This video is from his first time.

I have also started to take him on free runs by himself. We only go for about 15 minutes but in that time he is aloud to run as much and as fast as he wants. It is very hard for me not to tell him to slow down. After nine plus months of telling him to take it easy. 


Christine said...

Glad to see craig is recovering!! Hope for a speedy return to 100%!! Happy Dr. Seuss day!!

Camp said...

your support will pay off..good boy craig!

Canines 'N Ewe said...

That is by far the sacriest thing to put them back in action after such an injury...I used to cringe when Zippo would take off after his shoulder was shattered....Good luck...craig is a lucky boy!!