Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is that Placenta in your hair

Yes, folks it is that time again. Lambing is upon us. Time to wonder if you washed your hands after picking up the latest born. Then remember you tried to get that hair out of your mouth with your hands. But hey I hear that people in LA and New York pay good money to put placenta creme on their face. If that is the case then my hands are going to be baby soft.  Yesterday started with a bang. Twins born as the southern Alberta wind started blowing and a dumb mother who failed to dry off her babies. Twins were brought into the house and put under the watchful eyes of our Chi Joe. Of course my camera died yesterday so I only have a bad cell phone pic of the cuteness. At the end of yesterday we had a total of 17 lambs. Nice start. Now we are on a roll nothing came last night or this morning. Boring.
The camera has new batteries now so cute pics to come.


Jenny Glen said...

I put placenta cream on my face. Oh wait! I AM from LA.

Wendy said...

What about bull shit - I do believe it is a wrinkle cream - or maybe the shit is just filling in the cracks of my face.