Monday, April 23, 2012

Well this is a new one

We have one of "Those neighbors". If it's not his long horn cattle busting through our fence to eat the grass then it's their pig chasing my sheep. He also has a long list of dogs that roam the country side and chase cars. When we first moved here we befriended them. We sold them hay for their animals. Which we never did get paid for.

This morning this motley crue showed up for coffee.

No doubt they were just looking for food.
No wonder my dogs were losing their minds in the middle of the night. 


Jenny Glen said...

Oh, I'd be happy and just put one or two ponies in my barn. Horses? Mmm. I think I did see them but they were headed down the road. No horses here.

Monique said...

Pigs chasing sheep? For goodness sake. Wish we were neighbors, I'd keep my sheep in I promise ;)