Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleep Deprivation Study 2012

Lambing is all over and now the calves have started to come. The month of April contained very little sleep for us. I was going to keep my sleep deprivation weirdness to my self but alas too many people witnessed my craziness. Also not really sure what i was thinking when I entered two trials during lambing.
Even though I had the midnight and 7:00 Am lamb checks it sure messed up my thinking process. Plus Kyle was working at the office most days so I was on my own.
The following is some of the things I did.
- Failure to complete sentences
- went to Costco jumped out of the truck and went inside only to stop and think 20 minutes later "did I shut off the truck" I did not. Kyle said at least I didn't leave the door open.
- My students really suffered. My lack of thought process did not help at all. I would say things like "what you should have done there was ............... " Oh forget just keep working.
- My favorite. I put my sock on my foot then put the shoe on the other foot. That classic was witnessed by Lisa and Naomi.

Not only has lambing affected me it also has had an impact on Meg. She has been my lambing dog. Mainly she is the only trained dog I have that will work a single or lambs. The young dogs would but are just not patient enough. Isla refuses to see anything other than a whole flock.
I took Meg to a one day arena trial and she was super pushy and not listening. People were asking me what was up with Meg. She also gripped off one round. That being said the ewe deserved to be gripped.
Last weekend we headed out to BC for Lee Lumb's expertly run trial. I was tried and still not thinking right. Something the rest of the team thought was very amusing. They even tried to ambush me at a Tim Horton's being guarded by some ravens. I am terrified of birds. Naomi had her camera in hand ready for that viral You Tube moment. I can just see the title "Girl attacked by birds while friends laugh hysterically" That's fine Naomi has two kids to put through college might as well make some money from You Tube. As long as I get to Meet Matt Lauer when we go viral.
At Lee's trial I did something I have never done while running a dog. I turned the post the wrong way. I was so busy fighting with Meg on the dog leg fetch that I forgot we changed the course. She turned the sheep around the post and I looked up and saw the drive panels facing the wrong way. "For Fucks Sakes" (that ones for you Debbie) Then I just turned thanked the judge and walked off. No point in carrying on since runs were scoring in the 90's and my fetch was way off line.

I believe I am all rested up now. Just in time for another trial next week.


Camp said...

i'm so special ;-) i miss hearing that and more I miss laughing so hard with you about it!

Anonymous said...

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Jenny Glen said...

Oh, well at least you had an excuse (tired) for turning the wrong way around the post. I've done that with no excuse other than stupidity.

Donna Brinkworth said...

I laughed out loud reading this one Louanne. Especially the sock and shoe thing. OMG. Hilarious.

Judi said...

Well, you didn't fall on the dog...that's good.