Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Collection of Photo's

Lately I have been so busy with everything. I am not sure how I could run a farm and have a full time job too. Luckily I don't have a full time job the farm is my job. All the time I take pictures on my phone with the intent of blogging about what ever it was and then it never gets done. So this blog is devoted to just a few of my phone pictures.

These couple of food pics are for Ron and Jennifer.
Mediterranean chicken with sweet potatoes 

Beef Wellington
This was so good. 

Two whoops lambs we had the other night.
Kyle calls them the gangsters.
Not sure that is politically correct.

I took this for my friend Jerry
He loves all things Zombie

Craig and Joe
sleeping together

Loved this pink belt.
It would have been perfect for Stampede
But they didn't have my size. I felt like Goldie Locks.
Too big and too small

Went to this dive restaurant with some dog friends and they had this vending machine with stuffed animals for the kids and "adult toys" for the parents.

I am not kidding

On Sunday I am off for the big week long Stampede trip.
I am sure hyjinx will ensue.

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